Sunday, April 11, 2010

New blog

It also isnt kept up to date very much (surprise surprise lol!)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Waikato A&P Show

I couldnt have been prouder of Shell Pony today. He was an absolute star.

At 6:30am he was dragged out of his paddock and fed breakfast while I again washed his tail and legs.

At 8:30am he was ready to load up and away we went. We arrived at the showgrounds at 9am.

I had booked a day pen for him, but it soon became apparent that they werent too safe so I took him and tied him up next to the float. We were parked right near the gate and not too many horses were around. I think his brain exploded from the amount of stuff going on round him. He couldnt take it all in at once!

After half an hour he settled right down and ate his hay and stood just looking and calling out occasionally to horses that neighed (because of course they were all neighing at HIM lol!)

The Arab classes didnt start till 10am and there were 15 classes to get through before Shell Pony's first class.

I had him all ready and made up by the time the first classes had started. I then get myself ready and took him over to the ring and stood him well out of the way. He was a star. He fully enjoyed watching everything that was going on. About 2 classes before his, the novelty had worn off and he got bored, so took to trying to grab my whip or glove.

The time came for us to enter the ring. For those that dont know, Arabs have to enter the ring at a full on extended trot one at a time and keep the trot for one circuit of the ring. I was a little nervous of this as I thought He may get excited and 'pogo' round the ring. I had nothing to worry about. He was a star. He trotted his heart out beside me and just looked amazing. Getting him to stand still was a little difficult to begin with as he had so much to look at, but by the third time in the ring, he was beginning to cotton onto what he needed to do.

I was a little worried about what would happen if he got a ribbon as he gets nervous about people he doesnt know being around his neck. Well, he soon got over that as well and stood like a trooper!

1st Stallion class 4 years and over
Champion Stallion
1st Stallion Best Head
1st Stallion Best Movement

We went up for Supreme, but didnt get it. Just that bit outclassed and he needs to improve in his halter work. we may then stand a chance against the big guns :D

Next show is the Auckland Arabian Spectacular.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Productive day finally!

Been waiting all labour weekend for the weather to improve enough so I could spend the day trimming, primping and preening the horses today.

While it wasnt hot enough to bath Shell Fire, I did manage to get him used to the clippers so I could trim his face and legs. It took all of 10 min to get him used to the noise and for him to associate the clippers with some food. Once he realised they werent going to eat him, He fell asleep while I clipped away his blaze and white socks.

I am hoping that this Saturday will be warm enough to give him a good wash. Waikato's World A&P Show is this Sunday. I am very excited and have his halter all ready to go. Just need to organise some stallion tags and attach those somehow to his halter and we are all set.

I really have to grab my video camera back and take some more video of him as well as buy an external hard drive to transfer files from my computer. I went to edit the video and ended up running out of room!!

So yes, the video will be up from the clinic once I have created room on my computer! :D

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thank you Tommy, the angel!

Took Shell pony to go and see Tommy the Chiropractor last Friday. Looks like the poor pony has been very sore on his offside poll area and a few vertebrae up from the top of the tail.

Tommy seems to think that he has possibly been sore in those areas for quite some time.

The difference in him was instantaneous in his walk and when I got him home and turned him out in his paddock, for the first time since I have had him he ran without his head lifted in the air, but down by his knees and let off two bucks.

I was told that he only needed three days of doing nothing (not even grooming of him) so that he could just have a break and rest. After getting my own back done (not by Tommy) I completely understand the statement! I have been sore for a couple of days now.

Yesterday I worked him on the lunge for the first time since Tommy's visit and am very pleased with how he is going. I also brought him into the covered yard and practiced mounting him from both sides and letting him get used to the feeling of weight in the stirrup.

I then sat on him and walked him round. He is still a little confused by the 'turn' command, but give him another day or two and he will most certainly have that down pat! Got to love the quick Arab brain!

Will have to grab my video camera and set it up on the tripod and video it all.

Which reminds me.... still have to upload that video of him at the clinic!! If it rains tomorrow that will be on the top of my list :D

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lots to update!

I still havent gotten round to making the video I took of our private halter lesson ready for up loading to you tube. I may not even get time this weekend either with the possibility of doing foal watch for a friend of mine over the weekend. It is still on my to do list though!

Last Wednesday I managed to get some time off work to go and take both Ziggy and Shell Fire to be measured. I made the fatal mistake of NOT checking the time the measuring was on and arrived 2 hours early. Oh well, it gave me some time to photograph Shell Fire.

Measuring was awesome as Shell Fire measured up to a hack (by 0.5 of a cm!!!) which is good news as it means I can ride him at A&P shows :D He was very well behaved getting measured. He was just a little noisy with all the other horses around him.

Shell Fire has an appointment with Tommy the chiro on the 10th October. Will be good to see where he is sore. Once that is sorted, he will be getting his teeth done and then his ears clipped under sedation ready for his first in hand show at Waikato A&P. Very excited and very nervous all at the same time!

My show halter from Sparrows arrived today. Very beautiful but just a little big and the chain isnt long enough so I will send it back and ask for an adjustment. Then all I need is a show outfit and I am all set.

Entries close this Friday so best go and get those sorted.

Anyhow, here are some pictures from the measuring day:

YUM! Float!

Ooooo Whats that?!

Arabs are flexible!

I R Cute :D


Posing.... again!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Prepare to Win" Seminar

For the last two days over the weekend I booked in and took Shell Fire to this seminar hosted by The Auckland Arabian Club with the venue very kindly donated for the weekend by Rhodium Arabians who now own the Isola Equestrian Center. The Seminar's speakers were Kate and Doyle Dertel from Future Farms over in Australia.

Saturday dawned cold and early....4:30am early. Yes, it was hard getting out of bed!

By the time I had loaded my already packed up gear, it was 5am. I headed off to the paddocks, fed the horses and turned the horses that were stabled out into their paddocks. I mucked out a couple of stables until it was light enough to load up Shell Fire (about 6:30am) and then set off!

About half way up the motorway I suddenly realised that I had left the directions at home *rolls eyes* Thankfully I have a pretty good memory and 2 hours later I arrived at Isola Equestrian Center.

I unloaded Shell Fire and put him into his pre booked stable. He thought he was VERY cool!

Shell Fire seriously thought he was sooooo cool being in a stable block of 20 odd horses!

I took some photos of the indoor and outdoor arena which is where the halter and ridden lessons would take place on the second day:

The first half of day one was spent listening and asking questions on how Doyle and Kate feed and condition their horses. Lots of very cool tips were picked up! Very cool hearing how they manage to run their very large barn!

The second half of the day was practical in that we saw how they plait and shave the ridden horses and head clip the halter horses faces. I wasnt too interested in the plaiting and tail shaving (I personally hate shaven tails!) and I feel pretty confident in my own plaits.

I was interested in how they clipped and shaved the face. I must admit that the face clip was cool, but the close shaving to get back to the skin around the eyes and muzzle really dont do it for me. I took the following pictures of the clipped head:

One the second day Shell Fire had his private halter lesson with Doyle. I was very impressed with Shell Fire with how he handled the day and also with Doyle who was so understanding about Shell Fire. Once I have had a chance to download the video and upload it to you tube, I will post a link on here.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Shell Fire's Big Day Out

The day dawned cold and a little frosty. I was a little hesitant to get up and out of bed, but when I peeped behind the curtain, I was delighted to find the sky looking blue and clear.... it was going to be a fine day!!

After giving a couple of riding lessons I then went and brought in the boy, groomed him and hitched up my vehicle to the float.

I was prepared for a possible 'discussion' about hoping onto the float, so I enabled my secret weapon..... a big bowl of food. I placed this up inside the float by the front bar as well as my shortened lunge whip on the outside on the float.

I went and untied Shell Fire who by this stage was sporting his 'Arab "Ooooo look at the scary float" Snort!' look and I stepped onto the ramp.

I turned and went to picked up the secret weapon. I turned back to find a face rapidly approaching with ears pointed so far forward they were almost touching. He was most pleased to greet me AND have food stuffed into his face.

Being slightly flabbergasted that Shell Fire had walked up into the float I stood there a little stunned for a few seconds while he quite happily munched away on the secret weapon. Gathering my senses, I tied up the secret weapon to enable Shell Fire to keep on munching, then tied him loosely, slipped down behind him, did up the bum bar, lifted the ramp, locked it into place and then went round to the side door. I was greeted by his nose and a dribble of food.

After tying him more securely and taking away the secret weapon (he wasnt too impressed about that) I sealed the side door, loaded the dogs into the back, started the car and set off.

Shell Fire travelled really well in the float. I hardly knew he was there. It was only about a 10min drive to Linda's place, but I still took it nice and slow (think Granny driving) so as to give him a good first outing experience.

We arrived at Linda's and unloaded. Bowie (Airthrey Highlander Linda's stunning 'real boy') was also there to see who was turning up visiting. While Bowie was very polite and called out a welcome, Shell Fire turned into a bit of a snob and just lifted his tail and stood looking around before finding the nearest patch of grass to stuff into his gob.

A few munches of grass, a quick change of gear and we were off down into the arena.

We took the slightly scenic route to the arena to avoid unsettling Bowie too much (only girls lift their tail round Bowie and Shell Fire was giving mixed signals doing his Ay-rab thing with his tail).

The sand in the arena wasnt too exciting so I lunged him for a bit before then attempting to do some obstacles with him.

Scariest by far was Lynda sitting on a bright green drum on its side. Not only that but it could MOVE and ROLL and Oh-My-Gosh it could Make-A-Funny-Noise-On-The-Sand and it Could-Possibly-Eat-Me and Roll-Towards-Me..... Took about 15 minutes, but in the end, Arabian curiosity got the better of him and he just HAD to touch it with his nose and then realise that it wasnt that scary after all.

Shell Fire was also very brave and walked over some tarpaulin (only if I walked over it first) and did some trotting poles (walking over them).

By far the funniest thing was watching Shell Fire spook at some barrels upended with Bowie laughing on the side lines making fun of the fact that he can just walk over that kind of height now!!

The day finished with Shell Fire again loading into the float and travelling very well back home, unloading well and being put to bed. He was very glad to be home. He gave me a cuddle as if to say "Thanks for the day out".

While it was a great day today with Shell Fire, I unfortunately do not have any photos due to
A) forgetting my camera, and
B) being hard to hang onto Shell Fire and take photos all at the same time.

Maybe next time :D

Really looking forward to getting this boy under saddle now and taking him out and about!