Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lots to update!

I still havent gotten round to making the video I took of our private halter lesson ready for up loading to you tube. I may not even get time this weekend either with the possibility of doing foal watch for a friend of mine over the weekend. It is still on my to do list though!

Last Wednesday I managed to get some time off work to go and take both Ziggy and Shell Fire to be measured. I made the fatal mistake of NOT checking the time the measuring was on and arrived 2 hours early. Oh well, it gave me some time to photograph Shell Fire.

Measuring was awesome as Shell Fire measured up to a hack (by 0.5 of a cm!!!) which is good news as it means I can ride him at A&P shows :D He was very well behaved getting measured. He was just a little noisy with all the other horses around him.

Shell Fire has an appointment with Tommy the chiro on the 10th October. Will be good to see where he is sore. Once that is sorted, he will be getting his teeth done and then his ears clipped under sedation ready for his first in hand show at Waikato A&P. Very excited and very nervous all at the same time!

My show halter from Sparrows arrived today. Very beautiful but just a little big and the chain isnt long enough so I will send it back and ask for an adjustment. Then all I need is a show outfit and I am all set.

Entries close this Friday so best go and get those sorted.

Anyhow, here are some pictures from the measuring day:

YUM! Float!

Ooooo Whats that?!

Arabs are flexible!

I R Cute :D


Posing.... again!

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