Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Prepare to Win" Seminar

For the last two days over the weekend I booked in and took Shell Fire to this seminar hosted by The Auckland Arabian Club with the venue very kindly donated for the weekend by Rhodium Arabians who now own the Isola Equestrian Center. The Seminar's speakers were Kate and Doyle Dertel from Future Farms over in Australia.

Saturday dawned cold and early....4:30am early. Yes, it was hard getting out of bed!

By the time I had loaded my already packed up gear, it was 5am. I headed off to the paddocks, fed the horses and turned the horses that were stabled out into their paddocks. I mucked out a couple of stables until it was light enough to load up Shell Fire (about 6:30am) and then set off!

About half way up the motorway I suddenly realised that I had left the directions at home *rolls eyes* Thankfully I have a pretty good memory and 2 hours later I arrived at Isola Equestrian Center.

I unloaded Shell Fire and put him into his pre booked stable. He thought he was VERY cool!

Shell Fire seriously thought he was sooooo cool being in a stable block of 20 odd horses!

I took some photos of the indoor and outdoor arena which is where the halter and ridden lessons would take place on the second day:

The first half of day one was spent listening and asking questions on how Doyle and Kate feed and condition their horses. Lots of very cool tips were picked up! Very cool hearing how they manage to run their very large barn!

The second half of the day was practical in that we saw how they plait and shave the ridden horses and head clip the halter horses faces. I wasnt too interested in the plaiting and tail shaving (I personally hate shaven tails!) and I feel pretty confident in my own plaits.

I was interested in how they clipped and shaved the face. I must admit that the face clip was cool, but the close shaving to get back to the skin around the eyes and muzzle really dont do it for me. I took the following pictures of the clipped head:

One the second day Shell Fire had his private halter lesson with Doyle. I was very impressed with Shell Fire with how he handled the day and also with Doyle who was so understanding about Shell Fire. Once I have had a chance to download the video and upload it to you tube, I will post a link on here.

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