Monday, October 27, 2008

Productive day finally!

Been waiting all labour weekend for the weather to improve enough so I could spend the day trimming, primping and preening the horses today.

While it wasnt hot enough to bath Shell Fire, I did manage to get him used to the clippers so I could trim his face and legs. It took all of 10 min to get him used to the noise and for him to associate the clippers with some food. Once he realised they werent going to eat him, He fell asleep while I clipped away his blaze and white socks.

I am hoping that this Saturday will be warm enough to give him a good wash. Waikato's World A&P Show is this Sunday. I am very excited and have his halter all ready to go. Just need to organise some stallion tags and attach those somehow to his halter and we are all set.

I really have to grab my video camera back and take some more video of him as well as buy an external hard drive to transfer files from my computer. I went to edit the video and ended up running out of room!!

So yes, the video will be up from the clinic once I have created room on my computer! :D

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