Monday, November 3, 2008

Waikato A&P Show

I couldnt have been prouder of Shell Pony today. He was an absolute star.

At 6:30am he was dragged out of his paddock and fed breakfast while I again washed his tail and legs.

At 8:30am he was ready to load up and away we went. We arrived at the showgrounds at 9am.

I had booked a day pen for him, but it soon became apparent that they werent too safe so I took him and tied him up next to the float. We were parked right near the gate and not too many horses were around. I think his brain exploded from the amount of stuff going on round him. He couldnt take it all in at once!

After half an hour he settled right down and ate his hay and stood just looking and calling out occasionally to horses that neighed (because of course they were all neighing at HIM lol!)

The Arab classes didnt start till 10am and there were 15 classes to get through before Shell Pony's first class.

I had him all ready and made up by the time the first classes had started. I then get myself ready and took him over to the ring and stood him well out of the way. He was a star. He fully enjoyed watching everything that was going on. About 2 classes before his, the novelty had worn off and he got bored, so took to trying to grab my whip or glove.

The time came for us to enter the ring. For those that dont know, Arabs have to enter the ring at a full on extended trot one at a time and keep the trot for one circuit of the ring. I was a little nervous of this as I thought He may get excited and 'pogo' round the ring. I had nothing to worry about. He was a star. He trotted his heart out beside me and just looked amazing. Getting him to stand still was a little difficult to begin with as he had so much to look at, but by the third time in the ring, he was beginning to cotton onto what he needed to do.

I was a little worried about what would happen if he got a ribbon as he gets nervous about people he doesnt know being around his neck. Well, he soon got over that as well and stood like a trooper!

1st Stallion class 4 years and over
Champion Stallion
1st Stallion Best Head
1st Stallion Best Movement

We went up for Supreme, but didnt get it. Just that bit outclassed and he needs to improve in his halter work. we may then stand a chance against the big guns :D

Next show is the Auckland Arabian Spectacular.

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