Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thank you Tommy, the angel!

Took Shell pony to go and see Tommy the Chiropractor last Friday. Looks like the poor pony has been very sore on his offside poll area and a few vertebrae up from the top of the tail.

Tommy seems to think that he has possibly been sore in those areas for quite some time.

The difference in him was instantaneous in his walk and when I got him home and turned him out in his paddock, for the first time since I have had him he ran without his head lifted in the air, but down by his knees and let off two bucks.

I was told that he only needed three days of doing nothing (not even grooming of him) so that he could just have a break and rest. After getting my own back done (not by Tommy) I completely understand the statement! I have been sore for a couple of days now.

Yesterday I worked him on the lunge for the first time since Tommy's visit and am very pleased with how he is going. I also brought him into the covered yard and practiced mounting him from both sides and letting him get used to the feeling of weight in the stirrup.

I then sat on him and walked him round. He is still a little confused by the 'turn' command, but give him another day or two and he will most certainly have that down pat! Got to love the quick Arab brain!

Will have to grab my video camera and set it up on the tripod and video it all.

Which reminds me.... still have to upload that video of him at the clinic!! If it rains tomorrow that will be on the top of my list :D

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Sharon said...

I love Tommy! ;-) He has "fixed" several of our horses now. I remember Shellfire being touchy around his ears back when Anne Marie had him. Yay that he is better now.