Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stallion Parade

I have made the decision to not take Shell Fire to the stallion parade this year.

His hoof abscess is a lot worse than I initially thought. It has worked its way through the entire hoof capsule. Its going to take some time to get rid of the 'black crap' left from infection and for him to grow out the cut away part of his hoof.

While this is disappointing news, it means I can instead focus on getting him under saddle and prepare him for the Waikato Show. Will look at just doing the in hand with him at this stage for that show.

I am now looking at buying an Arabian Show Halter from First Choice over in America. I am guessing I will have to get a bitted one seeing how Shell is a 'real' boy still lol!

I am looking at buying this one:

Its called "Elegance" from First Choice Halters and I think it would suit him nicely.

I will be also getting these conchos if available:

and then a gold throat chain and chin chain, as well as a leather lead.

Fairly expensive exercise all up (total of almost $200US), but will be worth every penny :D

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