Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First day of work

Shell has now had his mane washed and loosely plaited to keep it looking nice. He still manages to get his whole head horrendously dirty. I decided yesterday to watch how he rolls. He stays balanced perfectly on his back upside down and then proceeds to rub his entire face, head and ears into this 'wonderful' dirt patch... *rolls eyes*

Such a typical boy.... loves being dirty and is quite miffed to be turned out in such a tidy state....I swear, stallions are such little 'boys'... lol!

Shell Fire is finally almost sound from his hoof abscess so I decided to have a play with him on the lunge today after bringing him in and cleaning the mud off him (much to his disgust).

I dont have a lunge cavesson small enough yet, so I just clipped the lunge rope to his halter.

It took Shell a while to realise that he needed to go round me at a walk and NOT sniff every poo he came across in the paddock.... (its currently the 'let off steam' paddock). Once he had figured that out, he lunged around at a walk and trot very well. He is just so lovely and such a quick learner!

Looking forward to riding this horse once we have built up our relationship a bit more :D

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Sharon said...

Yay! he sounds like a lot of fun to have around!